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Recruiting Numbers
  • Oversea After-sales Engineer

    Oversea After-sales Engineer

    Recruiting Numbers:5

    Department:R&D department

    Position Description:

    1, Responsible for providing technical support and product promotion by English

    2, Remotely guide customers to solve the product usage problems including parameters setting and locating fault etc., via What’s up, WeChat and email.

    3, Guide customers about equipment use and maintenance on-site

    4, Record the product problems and its solutions in the form of excel file.

    Qualifications Required

    1,Major in electronics or electrical, familiar with basic electrical circuit principles.

    2, 2-3 years of after-sales experience in the photovoltaic inverter or UPS industry.

    3, able to communicate with customers proficiently in English

    4,  Can withstand a certain degree of work pressure

    5,  Preparing monthly reports and data analysis.