Contact Information

  • China

    ADD:No.26-30, South Yongjiang Road, Beilun, 315806, Ningbo

    Tel: +86-574-86120560

    Fax: +86-574-86228852

    E-mail: [email protected]


  • Pakistan

    ADD: Mubarak Manzil Agha Khan III Road, Saddar Karachi, Pakistan

    UAN: +111-209-988

    E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

  • Brazil

    ADD:435, Presidente Vargas - Centro - RJ - Zip Code:20071-003

    Tel: (21) 3827-5503

    Email: [email protected]


Customer Visit

Interested parties are warmly welcome to visit us at our offices and factory, and due to our tight schedules and client confidentiality operation, appointments are necessary for a visit to our main facilities in our headquarter in Ningbo, China. Please contact us now at [email protected] for a visit arrangement.

  • From Ningbo Airport to Deye headquarter 40 minutes by car

  • From Ningbo Train station to Deye headquarter 45 minutes by car

  • From Ningbo Daqi railway station to Deye headquarter 4 minutes by car