DC48V Solar Air Conditioner

1.100% off grid   2.DC 48V battery powered
3. Battery low voltage protection 4.DC driven high efficiency
5.Wide operating temperature  (-10℃ to 58℃) 
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Remotely shutdown function

Smart Monitoring Platform

Thanks to the smart monitoring platform, Deye full series inverter products support remotely shutdown immediately when accident occurs.Setting parameters and FW update remotely, which makes PV plant O&M easier.

  • 100% off grid
  • DC 48V battery powered
  • Battery low voltage protection
  • DC driven high efficiency
  • Wide operating temperature  (-10℃ to 58℃)



Technical Specifications

  • DGA1-DC48V-09K
  • DGA1-DC48V-12K
  • DGA1-DC48V-18K
  • DGA1-DC48V-24K
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