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One Step Ahead: Explore Deye’s New Products Unveiled at EES Europe 2024 (The Smarter E)

Deye is sparkling at ees Europe 2024 in Germany on June 19th (GMT+2), delivering a variety of brand-new solar and energy storage products at Booth B1.250. Discover the encompassing guide to Deye residential energy storage solutions, C&I energy storage solutions, and balcony solar & storage solutions.

Residential Energy Storage Solutions

20kW 3P LV Hybrid Inverter

SUN-20K-SG05LP3: This innovation is making waves - it's Deye's industry-first high-power three-phase low-voltage hybrid inverter designed for residential applications, offering high ROI and safety.


Representing Deye's latest upgraded series, this model features a sleek black-and-white design. With a side flip cover and large screen, it offers intuitive operation, while next-gen SIC MOSFET ensures compactness and exceptional performance.

Its power has been boosted from the original 12kW to 20kW, with a battery charge/discharge current of up to 350A. It supports high-current PV modules up to 18A, features a max. DC input power of 30kW.

In practical use, Deye's three-phase low-voltage solution caters to energy storage demands ranging from 3kW to 20kW, effectively meeting almost 99% of residential needs. Its user-friendly interface and intelligent control system enable seamless monitoring via Deye Cloud, enhancing user experience, optimizing energy management, and extending lifespan.

5.3kWh Residential All-in-One ESS

RW-F5.3-2H3: The new residential energy storage system, RW-F5.3-2H3 (All-in-One) became the focus of the exhibition with its integrated design, intelligent connectivity, and high protection level.


This product greatly enhances the user experience, allowing buyers to control it in real-time via APP, PC or Touch-Display. It easily achieves peak-shaving, smart load, and 4ms fast switching. The compact design saves space for easy installation and allows for easy parallel connection. Supporting a maximum capacity of 164.3kWh, it provides users with a worry-free experience for battery expansion.

C&I Energy Storage Solutions

80kW 3P HV Hybrid Inverter + Rack-Mounted HV Battery

SUN-80K-SG01HP3 + BOS-A: Eyes on the center of attention, its debut marks Deye moving to the new stage of high-power, high-voltage energy storage.


Upgraded from 50kW to 80kW to meet specific needs, SUN-80K-SG01HP3 supports battery charging and discharging at 75A+75A for both channels, with a max. battery voltage reaching up to 1000V. It features 4MPP trackers with a current of 42A, allowing for different PV modules based on project needs.

The BOS-A designed for C&I scenarios, also provides a safe, durable battery solution. The battery series features low self-discharge, no memory effect, and excellent charge-discharge performance. The intelligent BMS protects against over-charging/over-discharging, automatically balancing current and voltage. With up to 23 battery modules in series, the system capacity reaches 176.64kWh. It also supports Wi-Fi and USB upgrades, providing flexible configuration for efficient energy use.

This solution provides ultimate flexibility of installation and configuration for small-scale C&I projects, delivering enhanced ROI and further expanding the power and backup limits of energy storage solutions.

60/120kWh C&I All-in-One ESS

GE-F60 / GE-F120-2H2: Leading integrated design and high protection rating for outdoor use has attracted much attention.

GE-F60 / GE-F120-2H2

They support full-power 1C operation with maximum battery temperatures below 40°C and 35°C respectively, extending system lifespan. Both products can be paralleled, reaching a maximum capacity of 3600kWh. Multi-dimensional safety strategies and high protection levels ensure exceptional performance and stable operation even under extreme conditions.

Balcony Solar & Storage Solutions

800W Energy Storage Microinverter

SUN-BK80SG01-EU: B1.250 is bustling with crowds, jointly witnessing another Deye breakthrough innovation. This microinverter supports on-grid, off-grid, and AC-coupling mode switching.


SUN-BK80SG01-EU can directly connect to compatible batteries for balcony solar energy storage use. With AC-coupling, it can retrofit to upgrade the existing solar system. It also supports two 18A high-current PV modules connecting, features battery charging/discharging current of up to 25A. Wireless CT, smart switch and BMS can be connected via LoRa.

Balcony All-in-One ESS

AE-F (S) 2.0-2H2: This highly integrated product from Deye is creating buzz, benefits from its ultimate convenience and ease of use, making it perfect for balcony solar systems and outdoor portable power needs.

AE-F (S) 2.0-2H2

Upgraded from the energy storage microinverter, its integrated design and flexible installation facilitate efficient energy storage for households. Moreover, smart and easy connectivity fulfills various user requirements. Exceptional adaptability ensures a long system lifespan. It supports PV input (only for AE-FS2.0-2H2) and battery expansion, and different capacity configurations cater to diverse household energy needs.

G5 Microinverter

Deye G5 microinverter has been redesigned from outlook. It further upgraded while retaining its original advantages, supporting wireless CT and smart switch, making easy installation and wiring. It also features flexible power factor adjustment to adapt to various grid standards, ensuring more stable C&I applications.


Still have time to join us! We extend a warm invitation for you to visit Booth B1.250. Witness firsthand our cutting-edge innovations, immerse yourself in vibrant energy, and seize the opportunities awaiting you.