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Deye Inverter Creates A Green Future With India

NINGBO DEYE INVERTER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established in 2007. It’s the only one which includes a grid-tied inverter, hybrid inverter and micro inverter business enterprise. In 2021, the revenue growth rate of the optical storage business reached 262%, and the profit accounted for 50%+, of which hybrid/grid-tied/micro-inverter accounted for 45.2%/45.7%/9.1% respectively. From the perspective of brand and market distribution, Deye Inverter is mainly deployed in the United States, Brazil, South Africa, and India. In 2021, Deye’s annual shipments of grid-tied inverters reached 215,000 units; hybrid inverters shipments reached 70,300 units, and micro inverters shipments reached 102,900 units. In 2022, Deye’s shipments of its Micro Inverter is expected to exceed 750,000 units, the shipments of its grid-tied exceed 250,000 units, and the shipments of its hybrid inverter exceed 330,000 units, with a year-on-year increase of 242.6% in total annual shipments. In 2022, inverter products are expected to achieve a revenue scale of 565 million dollars, which make DEYE INVERTER become a new star of solar inverter manufacturer enterprises with a market value of over 14.6 billion dollars.

Deye started its inverter business in India in 2018. As one of the biggest solar markets, with abundant light conditions, the Indian market has a huge potential. By 2021, India’s market shipment shared 4% of Deye’s annual total shipments. From 2020 to 2021, Deye entered the Indian market by deepening cooperation with local well-known enterprises in India. By 2021, Deye seized the opportunity created by the boomed market, start to promote Deye’s own brand and aim at becoming a market-leading company.

In the last four years, Deye has brought a wide power range of grid-tied inverter products to the Indian market. SUN-3.6/4/5K-G03 grid-tied inverter series and SUN-6/10/15K-G03 hybrid inverter series are the most popular for residential application scenarios owing to their cost-effective, wide power range, stability, and high quality. In 2022, Deye inverter launched the latest SUN-50K-SG01 three-phase hybrid inverter series.

With the unique “Smart load” and AC Couple features, the Deye hybrid inverter can use the diesel generator port as the “Smart load” output port and “AC couple” connection port, which significantly improves the machine’s intelligence and application scenarios. Deye is dedicated to becoming a World-leading Energy Storage System Provider helping people enjoy green solar energy and promote sustainable human development.