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Deye Solar Air Water Heater - Why You Should Consider It
Solar Air Water Heater is an effective solution for heating water in hot climatic conditions. It is very beneficial for any household as it gives enough warmth during winters. It can also be used for heating the pool as well. It provides fresh and clean drinking water without using any fossil fuels or electricity.
As per the demanded of different industry, Deye are providing and manufacturing this new Solar Air Water Heater. Applications: Textile Industries, Laundries, Healthcare Drug manufacturing, Drying, Applying, Refinishing, Allergies Skin Care and so on. Benefits: This efficient and affordable method of heating water is very environment friendly and offers enough warmth during winters. Very easy installation with no maintenance required, Quick installation and very less heat loss, adaptable for all types of roof. It can also be used as a substitute for a furnace or for heating pools.
The cost effectiveness of the Solar Air Water Heater is the prime reason for its growing popularity. Most of the users are getting attracted by its cost effectiveness. It can be used anywhere unlike the gas heaters. Even if the weather outside is not very severe, still you can enjoy its comfortable warmth. During summers, this system works perfectly. And if the location where you are going to install it, is not that suitable for solar powered system, you can easily convert the air conditioning to work on solar power.
Deye Solar Air Water Heater is very safe. It does not emit any hazardous gases or particulates. It just makes the atmosphere more comfortable by producing warm water at a lower temperature. Moreover, it works efficiently in hot and cold weather conditions.
Moreover, the installation cost of this system is also very less. This kind of system requires less amount of sunlight, which could be collected through solar panels. So, you just need a minimum space to place your heater. If you can afford to install this solar heating system in an area where there is a strong source of solar radiation then it will save your money and electricity bills.
This solar heating system heats the water in a different manner than traditional heater. The traditional water heater will create hot steam through boiling the water. But the heater of this system does not boil the water, but rather it absorbs the heat energy from the sun. Then it converts that energy into heat and warms the water. A result of your water is now very warm.
These types of systems are also effective in extreme cold weather conditions. They work well in freezing climates and areas. Due to its unique feature, these systems will not generate excess amount of noise. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to place this heater in an area that gets maximum sunlight. Otherwise, you might have to bear with loud noise due to the heating process.
There are many websites online that provide information about this type of solar air water heater. You can read many testimonials and reviews to decide if this kind of system will fit your needs. You can also buy solar air heater systems online through a reputable online seller. If you are not very comfortable buying solar air water heater systems online, you can visit your local hardware store and ask for advice.
This is also considered as one of the most economical options to heat water. It will save you money since solar energy is free. However, this feature is only applicable if you already have a solar panel on your home. Otherwise, it would mean spending more money on the purchase of solar air heating systems. There is also the possibility that it may not be compatible to your home. In that case, you should consult with a professional to see whether this system is good for your place or not.
However, this solar air water heater is not suitable for home use. Installing this system requires some additional expenses on your part. You will have to pay for the installation cost plus the salary of a technician who will do the job for you. The whole process will take at least three months to complete.
This solar air water heater may be slightly expensive but it can be very useful in the future. Aside from providing hot water in the morning, you can also expect it to warm up your house during the nights. Although you still have to pay for electricity during the days, you will no longer spend all your money just to purchase and install the electricity. This way, you will have already saved up on your money.