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Experience The Power Of Technology With Deye’s All-In-One New Product Range

Happy to announce our new products MS-G230 and BOW-G1000

Deye Group, founded in 2000, is in Ningbo, China. Under the guidance of Chairman Hejun Zhang’s strategic thinking of “progress every day”, Deye has developed from a small mold company to a large technology company over several decades.

Deye is committed to providing solutions for dehumidifiers, industrial refrigeration equipment, solar inverters, and solar air-conditioning products. Moreover, it has a series of supporting industries such as electronic PCB manufacturing, molds, and injection molding machines.

In response to the development concepts of innovation, coordination, greenness and, Deye is promoting and focusing on eco-friendly solutions. As a country, a solution for the MW scale or an all-in-one solution is needed to avoid losses and provide an energy-efficient solution. For the same, Deye has come up with container solutions, and micro microgrid systems.

The deye microgrid system is a reliable system that utilizes LiFePO4-based lithium battery technology, paired with smart BMS for complete protection and proactive balancing. LFP battery system adopts an aerosol fire extinguishing solution. Hence, this solution is non-explosive, non-flammable and completely safe for continuous operation. It is equipped with an EMS converter and BMS, power supply redundancy design and support black start function. The system is rated at 100kW with 230kWh energy storage solution and has a round trip efficiency of 88%. The solution can withstand hot as well as cold climates. Additionally, it has an intelligent temperature control feature along with all protection for smooth and stable operation of the system. 

Deye energy storage solution capable of dynamically adjusting power with inbuilt EMS and PCS. The intelligent inbuilt BMS effectively supports and enhances the performance of the lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) battery. The operating parameters of the system can be controlled remotely. The emergency stop button helps to stop the system in case of emergency quickly or maintenance. The system is rated at 500kW with 1075kWh battery energy storage solution. Further, the auxiliary power backup solution supports critical load for 30 minutes. The development of the above solutions protects the environment and promotes sustainable development.