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What You Need To Know About Deye Heaters
Deye is a global leader in photovoltaic cell and diode technology. Deye Inverter Products Co., Ltd, with a total capital investment of 205 million RMB, is now one of the leading China s high tech enterprises and a major subsidiary of Deyen Group. With a fully automated plant set up and full production equipment, Deyen has established itself as a major player in the international photovoltaic cell and diode market. However, Deyen has made some mistakes in their design and have limited the performance of their products, which were identified and solved by Deye inverter experts.
Early on, Deye failed to use an original code for their inverters. This led to their product relying on complex mathematical algorithms to produce photovoltaic power. Because their solar modules were producing less than the required power, Deyen immediately addressed the issue, retrofitting their modules with a new code. It seems that this simple and straightforward change helped to expand...
The solar modules produced by the deye inverter are now more reliable. The company was able to reduce power wastage due to increased reliability of its photovoltaic cells and modules. It also lowered the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) from its original setup price of about seven US cents to around six US cents. In a time when many companies are slashing their prices to survive in a very volatile economy, Deyen has remained strong and still growing in popularity. This success is attributed to its marketing strategy of offering products at deep discounts to beat out the competition.
The deye power system is offered in two forms. The first is the deye hybrid inverter. This hybrid model combines the reliability of the standard deye inverter with the added benefits of a dye-type system. The second type is the solar inverter/heater. This unit uses a standard transformer to handle both the photovoltaic and the heating elements in the system.
As mentioned, it's important to remember that with any power system, you're looking at peak power, not total power, which can be reached with passive systems or even a stand alone solar panel. The deye inverter/heater is best used in a solar hot water system, which means that it will generate power at a higher maximum rating in a shorter amount of time. Deye hybrid inverters can also handle smaller systems that would be too powerful for a stand alone model.
If you're looking for a reliable solution to your photovoltaic power needs, the deye hybrid inverter/heater is a great choice. This unit isn't as robust as the stand alone units but it does offer some extra features. For example, most deye hybrid units feature a built in backup battery. This backup battery can store the stored energy during the day so that power can be used in the event of a power outage.
Although many people may be comfortable with the normal deye 8kw solar inverter single phase model, there are some specific situations where a double phase unit would be better. First off, a deye single phase unit will typically be much more efficient at converting direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC). This means that a deye single phase unit can save you money on both energy and utility bills. In addition to this, a deye single phase unit will have fewer power spikes, which are caused by switching between DC power and AC power. Some of these spikes can actually be dangerous and expensive to your system so having a unit with a back up battery just in case is worth the investment.
As you can see, there are several reasons why a deye unit may be a good fit for your home. If you currently only use DC electricity and are looking for a way to make your AC cheaper, then a deye single phase unit could be a great fit. If you do a lot of long trips or have a lot of electronics that you want to charge using AC, then a single phase unit may be a better fit. Most single phase units come with a 10 year warranty, although it's always best to do your research before choosing a particular model.