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Deye Embraces a Bright Zero-carbon Future For Spain Solar Energy Market in Genera 2023

 Deye is honored to participate in Genera 2023, the International Energy and Environment Trade Fair, which was held during 21-23 February in 2023 Spain Madrid. The Genera exhibition remains the most important annual international event held in Madrid on energy and the environment domain. 


As a large scale multinational solar energy solution manufacturing enterprise, Spain market is one of its rapidly increasing markets. Deye shows a lots advanced products including Micro inverter, grid-tied inverter, hybrid inverter, Low-Voltage and High-Voltage battery bank as well as all-in-one energy storage system etc.

Micro Inverter SUN600/1000/2000G3-EU series

Deye displayed the SUN600/1000/2000G3-EU series Micro Inverter series for residential demands, which is equipped with 2/2/4 maximum power point tracking respectively. The product features Rapid shutdown function which makes it safe and reliable. The high cost-effective and compact design makes it more acceptable for end users.


Grid-tied inverter series

Deye also showcased the SUN-5/10K-G series, SUN-50K-G grid-tied inverter for residential and C&I application demands. These products are popular by local customers for the excellent performance in recent years.

SUN-25/50K-SG01HP3-EU three phase high voltage hybrid inverter series

Deye also showcased the SUN-5K-G04, SUN-10K-G03 SUN-50K-G03 series grid-tied inverter for residential and C&I application demands. These products are popular by local customers for the excellent performance in recent years.


The product has four maximum power point tracking (MPPT) inputs while its MPPT voltage range is 150-850V. The device has a Rated DC Input Voltage of 600V, and Max. DC Input Voltage of 1000V, and Max. Recommended Input power range from 32.5kW to 65kW. It measures 527W*894H*294D, Weights 75kg. The hybrid inverter system uses intelligent air cooling as a cooling system. It is equipped with IP65 protection and in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, which ensure it can work in an extreme weather.


BOS-G series Battery and GB-SL-EU/US All-in-one 


Moreover, Deye showed the BOS-G series high-voltage Lithium Battery. The BOS-G series feature convenient embedded design, safety and reliable performance, and the intelligent BMS etc. The battery has a capacity range from 20.48kWh to 61.44kWh, composed out of 4-12 battery modules, respectively. Both these embedded designed modules and plug and play wire connection methods promise flexible installation and maintenance.


Deye has particularly introduced the industry-leading magnificent GB-SL series. ALL IN ONE SOLUTIONS was attracting attention for its beautiful appearance and scene integration since its concept image came out. Its the best residential solar solution ever. Its available to support Multiclass loads. Maximum output 100% unbalanced output, each phase; Max. 10pcs parallel for on-grid and off-grid operation; support storing energy from diesel generator. Its specially designed with a charge connector for the EV, making the whole family electric usage system simpler.


DEYE is an industry-leading energy storage solutions provider. Deye will continue to strengthen its ties with clients in Spain and bring more excellent products for Spain market.