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Deye showcased its C&I application energy storage solutions at RE+ 2023

Deye, the industrial-leading residential and CI energy storage solution providerhas showcased its latest CI application energy storage system and the All-in-one energy storage container system during RE+ 2023 exhibition in Las Vegas,which is the fastest growing and largest solar show in North America. At this year's exhibitionDeye was commited to cater to the local market's energy storage needs by its cutting-edge technology and remarkable products.

Deye was thrilled to spotlight its marvelous All-in-one energy storage container system BOW-G1000 series. Central to the CI application solution was MS-G230 and the SE-G15.3 LV battery series.



BOW-G1000 energy storage container system is specially designed for divided into two compartments, namely the battery compartment and the power compartment. It has intelligent human-machine interface for more convenient maintenance, and the All-in-one container is compatible with intelligent temperature control system and automatic security system.

The BOW-G1000 energy storage container system adopted the most advanced inverter technology and high-voltage BMS technology and EMS technology.The independent research and development energy management system(EMS) can monitor and control the grid,load,photovoltaic and energy storage in real time.It can also intelligently adjust the distributed electric energy according to the demand and supply.It supports AC-coupled application and can be adapted to on-grid and off grid modes automatic switching function.Its the optimal solution for photovoltaic micro-grid generationwhich can be used for multiple application scenarios,from peak shaving and valley filling to emergency back-up power supply and charging network expansion used in energy shortage area.  


SE-G15.3SE-G20.4 LV battery series

The SE-G15.3 LV battery series is designed for increasing residential and commercial application scenarios self-consumption ratio.the strong scalability supports battery modular Max. 8 sets in parallel, Max. capacity of 163.8kWh.The intelligent BMS can manage and monitor cells information to provide complete protections included voltage current and temperature. Furthermore, BMS can balance cells charging and discharging to extend cycle life. 


MS-G230 All-In-One series

With the rapid-increasing demands of CI electricity application scenarios, Deye unveiled its superb MS-G230 All-In-One series,which integrate EMS converter and BMS inside, and it can also support black start function.The strong scalability also can support the multiple devices clustered in parallel.

MS-G230 All-In-One series provides stable micro-grid solutions, with small footprint, large battery capacity, strong load capacity and excellent safety performance. The 100kW/230kWh energy storage system only occupies 1.7 square meters.

Except the functions mentioned above,MS-G230 is compatible with built-in aerosol fire extinguishing solution,which can guarantee the safety and reliability when its running.Further more,the intelligent BMS provides complete proactive balancing solutions,which can effectively extending the cycling life of battery.


BOS-G battery series

The BOS-G battery series is optimized for easy installation and scalability. The embedded design is convenient to maintenance and installation.The battery module has less self-discharge, up to 6 months without charging it on shelf, no memory effect, excellent performance of shallow charge and discharge.


The BOS-G series high-voltage Lithium Battery, with single module nominal voltage of 51.2V,single module energy of 5.12kWh,single module capacity of 100Ah.The BOS-G series has a capacity range from 20.48kWh to 61.44kWh, composed out of 4-12 battery modules, respectively. Both these embedded designed modules and plug