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Hybrid Inverters and Their Advantages

A grid-tie inverter is a good solution for residential PV systems, however, there are several problems about it.


First, the grid-tie inverter can only be used when it’s connected to the grid, which means, if there is a blackout, the inverter can be of no use. Second, when the sun is strong and the solar system is working on its maximum power, you are out work and can’t use much of the energy; when you are back home, and all the appliances begin to work, the solar system is however of little use because the sun has already gone down. For all these reasons, a grid-tie inverter can’t cut off the electricity bills mostly.


But with a hybrid inverter, all these problems can be solved.


With a hybrid inverter, you can store the extra energy in the daytime and use it in the evening when you need electricity most.


Furthermore, with a Deye hybrid inverter, you can have the “time of use” function.


In many countries and areas, electricity price varies from the time period, usually high during the peak demand and low during the off-peak period, which means you have to pay extra electricity bills if your daily electricity-using activities are at the same time as most people. To reduce our costumers’ electricity bill, Deye hybrid inverters have 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging, which means, you can set your own time period to charge your battery while the electricity is cheap, and discharge it to power the load when the price goes up.


Tick “Time Of Use”, and tick the time period you want to charge your battery, and your battery will be charged during this period.


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