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INTERSOLAR 2023—DEYE Aims to Expand Its Global Influence with Innovative Solutions In Germany

Deye, an industrial-leading residential and CI energy storage solution expertwill participate in the upcoming Intersolar exhibition in Munich, Germany from 14th-16th June,2023.Deye will be presenting its latest advanced products at booth B1.250

Intersolar is one of the largest and most influential solar industry photovoltaic exhibitions in the world. The annual event attracts industry experts, solar photovoltaic peers, and green energy industrial product enthusiasts from all over the world. Intersolar provides a platform for enterprises and industry peers to communicate industrial experiences and explore collaborative opportunities. As a prominent player of renewable industry, Deye will show its latest cutting-edge

energy technologies of Micro-inverters, string inverters, hybrid inverters, especially unique low-voltage energy storage solutions, all-in-one energy storage solutions in residential, CI application scenarios. It shows Deye’s commitment to providing versatile and competitive solutions in all market segments.  

With the rapid-increasing demands of residential electricity usage scenarios, Deye plans to unveil its superb cost-effective SUN-5/6/8/10/12K-SG05LP3-EU seriesthe latest generation of low-voltage energy storage system solutions. The device is adapted with 48V low-voltage, supporting 100% unbalanced output, each phase; The Max. Output up to 50% Rated power, which other brand can’t compete with. Not to mention the series can support AC coupling with diesel generator, Micro-inverter and grid-tie inverter, which can enhance the original households’ traditional electricity usage system.
Unlike high voltage energy storage system, low voltage energy storage system solutions superior in it’s safer, more flexible and cost-effective of the whole system. When users need to expand the capacity of battery, it’s convenient to expand the capacity of battery without extra BMS junction box compared to high voltage system. Considering the cost of extra BMS junction box and extra installation fee of capacity expansion, LV energy storage system can ensure at least 20% cost reduction. And the investment and payback period is only 4-5 years, while HV ESS needs 7-8 years.

Deye plans to showcase its high-efficiency and versatile SUN-25/30/40/50K-SG01HP3-EU-BM2/3/4 series for CI application scenarios. Deye also plans to display the latest third generation of Micro-inverter SUN-M30/40/50G3-EU-Q0 series for the rapid-increasing Europe Micro balcony power generation application demands.

SUN-25/30/40/50K-SG01HP3-EU-BM2/3/4 is the latest generation of CI HV energy storage system solutions. The device can support 100% unbalanced output, each phase; The Max. Output up to 50% Rated power. This series also can support AC coupling with diesel generator, Micro-inverter and grid-tie inverter. It can also support Max.10 PCS clustered in parallel for on-grid and off-grid running mode. It can be adapted to multiple brand batteries. When the device is compatible with BOS-G series HV battery, it can support Max.16 units batteries clustered in parallel for clients capacity expansion demands.

SUN-M30/40/50G3-EU-Q0 series is updated on the previous generation of Micro-inverter. It still superior in build-in WIFI monitoring modules, utmost IP67 protection level, rapid shut-down function and high cost-effective.

In addition, Deye plans to display the CI all-in-one series.GE-F60(50kW/60kWh),GB-SCL an optical storage and charging integrated power generation system. And MS-G230 CI all-in-one series.

If you want to learn more details about DEYE solar photovoltaic and energy storage solutions for the residential and CI application scenarios, dont hesitatecome and communicate with us at B1.250 in München on June 14-16.Were looking forward for your visit.