Energy Meter

The SDM 230 Modbus Single-phase electronic type guide rail mounting electric energy meters. It is used to monitor and display the grid power (voltage, current frequency and energy), and transfer this info to solar inverter via RS485 communication in zero-export system.   The SDM 230 Modbus series three phase four wire electronic energy meter (din-rail) is designed based on power monitoring and energy metering demands for PV power plants etc. Mainly applied into the measurement and display for the grid parameters in the zero-export system, including grid voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, etc. 

Remotely shutdown function

Smart Monitoring Platform

Thanks to the smart monitoring platform, Deye full series inverter products support remotely shutdown immediately when accident occurs.Setting parameters and FW update remotely, which makes PV plant O&M easier.

  • Local LCD display, RS485 communication
  • Adopting the standard DIN35mm din rail mounting
  • Small volume, easy installation and easy communication
  • Positive and reverse active power, four quadrant reactive power metering

Technical Specifications

  • SDM 230 Modbus
  • SDM 630-Modbus V2

  • SDM 630 MCT
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